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Can you make a stained glass window according to my specific needs, such as size, color, or pattern?

We want you to feel that you are getting exactly what you want every time you order from us. We are happy to design a piece for you that meets your needs exactly. We can custom design large windows as well as suncatchers and other smaller items. We will gladly adjust our patterns and sizes to fit your needs. Colors can always be changed to what works best for you.

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I would like to commission a custom piece. How do I do that?

The first step in commissioning a custom piece is to contact us and let us know what you are looking for. By giving us a basic idea of size we can give you a free quote on what the approximate price would be. You are under no obligation at that time to continue with the project. If you do decide to continue on, we will then work with you to come up with some design ideas. We will make up some designs that are to scale, and let you take a look through them. If you decide that you like one of them we will give you a final price on that design and we can then move forward. If you are not happy with any of the designs we have shown you, we are more than happy to try and come up with some more. You are under no obligation until a design is agreed upon and work is ready to begin. At that time you will be asked for a deposit, if the piece is more than $50.00. We generally request ½ of the final price as the deposit. That is not refundable, should you decide to change your mind about working with us. Once the piece is finished and has arrived safely to you, the balance, plus shipping, is then paid.

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Are the windows and suncatchers available in colors other than what you have indicated?

All of the pieces on our site can be made in a wide variety of colors. If you like a design but would like it in a different color, just let us know. In no way are the ones shown the only options available. Not only can we change the colors, but we can also change the texture and transparency of the glass as well. If you are interested in changing any of these, all you need to do is ask. Photo samples can be sent via e-mail, or actual glass samples can be sent in the mail. We want you to be able to get exactly what you are looking for.

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How long do orders usually take to create?

Most of our pieces are crafted as they are ordered. Times will vary depending on the piece itself. Suncatchers and other smaller pieces usually take 1-2 weeks from order to shipping. Larger pieces will take longer. They can range from 3-6 weeks, depending on size, design, and the need for any special ordering of materials.

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Are the suncatchers and windows easy to hang?

All of our pieces that are meant to hang come ready to do so. They are all fitted with metal hooks through which fishing line or chain can be inserted, depending on the weight of the piece. We recommend that fishing line only be used for our lighter weight suncatchers, and not for our heavier hanging panels. For those heavier pieces we recommend that you use a hanging chain. This can be found at most hardware stores, or can be provided upon request. It is usually easier for you to get it, since you know the exact size you will need for your space.

Once you have it ready to hang, you will need somewhere to hang it from. We recommend NOT using suction cups to hang your pieces, except for those that come with the suction cups already attached. Most suction cups cannot hold the weight of suncatchers, and can let loose at any time, dropping your piece to the ground. Something more stable, such as the lock of your window, for those who have the double-hung type of frame. If that does not work for you, nails, screws or hooks placed into the wall or framing should do the trick for you.

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How do you price your work?

Our prices for large custom orders are based on a number of things. One of them is square footage. We usually charge between $85-$110 per square foot. But square footage is not the only deciding factor. It is just the base that we work off of. We also base it off of the intricacy of design, as well as the usage of any special materials, such as bevels.

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Do you offer quantity discounts?

We will offer quantity discounts on many items on our site. We have previously offered quantity discounts on items used as wedding favors and on items used as awards for a contest. If you have something in mind, please let us know. We will try our best to work with you and meet your needs.

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What forms of payment do you accept?

We will accept personal checks, cashier's checks, money orders, and credit card payments through PayPal. We cannot accept credit card payment through our site, so please do not send us any credit card information. PayPal is free to use and is a secure way to make payments by credit card. To learn more about using PayPal, visit their site at

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How and where do you ship your stained glass windows?

Items from our site will be shipped through either the United States Postal Service or through UPS. Most smaller items will be sent through the USPS, as it is usually more cost effective. Larger windows and panels may be shipped UPS due to their size.

We are happy to ship anywhere, world wide, though international shipping will require a higher cost. Please inquire for a quote on international shipping.

Our shipping costs are calculated at 20% of the final order price. Larger custom orders may require higher shipping fees, due to their size. Please feel free to ask us for a shipping quote when ordering a large custom piece.

To keep our shipping prices low and to help the environment, we reuse boxes and packing materials whenever possible. Your piece will not arrive in a box with our logo on it. In fact, it may have other logos and writing on it. Please know that though we may use boxes from other companies, all of the items you receive are ones that are handcrafted by us.

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What if my shipment arrives damaged?

We make every effort to pack our products well so that they are shipped safely. However, the occasional accident may occur. If that is the case, please let us know immediately. We will have you send the piece back (at no cost to you) and we will either repair the piece or make you a new one, depending on what is wrong with it. Once it is ready, it will once again be shipped to you at no extra charge.

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How are stained glass items actually made?

Stained glass items are made by hand cutting colored glass into separate pieces, based on your design. The edges of each piece are then ground smooth. A copper foil tape is wrapped around each individual piece. They are then laid back into their pattern. The foil lines are then cleaned with a chemical called flux. This helps the solder to flow nicely, and adhere to the foil, not the glass. Once it is soldered together, both on the front and back, it is finished off based on the item. This method is commonly known as the Tiffany Method.

Windows and cabinet doors that are made to later fit into a space are edged with a metal frame called zinc. It helps to give larger pieces stability and leaves it with a smooth, straight edge. Hanging glass panels are finished off the same way, but have metal hooks added to use for hanging. Smaller items like suncatchers are finished off with a bead of solder around the outside edge. Hooks are then added. All items are thoroughly cleaned. Suncatchers are then strung with fishing line for easy hanging.

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What is warm glass art?

“Warm Glass” is the term that is used for glass that is fired in a glass kiln. Slumping, fusing and draping are common terms that are used when discussing kiln-fired glass.

Fusing is the process of melting two or more layers of glass until they “fuse” together. Fused pieces can then be used in combination with stained glass pieces, by themselves as pieces of art, or used in slumping and draping. Slumping and draping are two methods of forming glass, either in a single layer, or once it is fused together. Draping is the process of lying a piece of glass over a form and letting the glass “drape” over it as it heats up. In the process of slumping, a piece of glass is laid on top of a mold and slumps into it as the glass heats.

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What’s the best way to clean my stained glass?

When our pieces are finished they are cleaned and polished before they are shipped. When they arrive at their final destination, they may have fingerprints on them that occurred during the packaging process. These can be wiped off using as soft cloth or paper towel. Cleaners are generally not needed to remove simple smudges such as these.

After your piece has been hanging for a long time, it may collect more substantial dirt buildup. The best thing to do in this case is to lay the piece flat on a firm surface, like a table, and spray it with a bit of glass cleaner. You may need to let it soak for a minute or two, and then wipe it off with a soft cloth. Once the glass is clean, a furniture polish, something like Pledge, can be used to help polish up the glass and the solder lines. Just spray a bit on and wipe off. Using a soft cloth, buff it until it is once again polished and shiny. Your piece is then once again ready to hang.

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Do you have a catalog?

Our website here is our catalog. We can print out groups of our photos upon request, but we do not offer a printed catalog.

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